culture jamming n.

Note the first use of the word is cited as the inlay for a casette tape:

orig. N. Amer. the subversion of advertising and other mass-media output (by parody, alteration, etc.) as a form of protest against consumerism, corporate culture, and the power of the media.

[1985 ‘NEGATIVLAND’ JamCon ‘84 (cassette inlay notes) (title) Crosley Bendix reviews JamArt and Cultural Jamming.] 1991 Ottawa Citizen 26 Dec. A10/1 Their anti-television television advertisements surfacewith increasing regularity. Turn off the TV, is the message. Get a life. Adbusters co-publisher Kalle Lasn calls it ‘*culture jamming.’ 2006 Times 6 Dec. 74 Beginning with spoof advertisements, culture-jamming has grown to encompass defacing billboards to alter their message and campaigns such as TV Turnoff Week and Buy Nothing Day.

Oxford English Dictionary, “Culture”

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