Ironic benefits of going green

“Every user that snorts a gram of cocaine kills 4.4 square meters of rain forest,” [Columbian Vice President Francisco Santos] Calderón told the Huffington Post in an interview this week.

Is it just me, or is the attachment of the discourse of environmental destruction to that of the drug war a collossally bad, dangerous, etc., etc., idea? Besides the authorization of a set of violent practices from a separate and affectively-positive structure of discourse, once one link is stabilized, won’t it become all the easier to begin linking it to others?

Let’s see what other insight “Chris from LA” can offer your readers into this question:

Chris stopped taking coke more than a year ago but at its peak, his habit had him using two to three times every week. “It’s pretty easy to get hold of… it’s everywhere out here,” he said.

While he was using, Chris said he was casually aware of other environmental issues–he recycled and made an effort to avoid using plastic or disposable paper and polystyrene products. According to Calderón, this is typical of the average coke user, who is likely to be a young, well-educated professional with an ironic interest in the benefits of going green.

“Ironic interest in the benefits of going green,” indeed.

p.s. This quote had to be included as well: “‘Cocaine is a vain drug.’” The conclusion that follows from this statement is actually somewhat redeeming for Chris from LA.

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