–Tomato Omelet ca. 1842

A “receipt” from Francis S. Holmes, The Southern Farmer and Market Gardener, 1842, p, 236:


1162. Peel a quart of ripe tomatoes; chop and put them down to simmer for about twenty minutes, with as much water as will cover them; chop a few onions very fine, and throw them in with crumbled bread, and a lump of fresh butter, and when nearly done, beat up four eggs, and stir them in for a few minutes, and serve the omelet up.

I also sort of have a couple of spin-off tumblrs, for non-general interest items. This pitcure’s also on a food tumblr I started, mostly to photo-document my culinary endeavors for posterity. In any case, Sunday morning breakfast, straight from the archives.

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