New tumblr things?

1. Tumblarity. Verdict: Cynical.

It seems sorta cool, but let us slice to the heart of the matter: cui bono? The answer: Tumblr. Posts, followers, likes, reblogs: Tumblr would like to enter you into a popularity contest. Tumbl alot? Watch your ranking soar! Not using your Tumblr that much? Have a nice serving of negative fail! However, you know you sorta like it. And, like a good video game, if you just keep hittin’ those buttons, your score will go up!

2. Popular Stuff. Verdict: Actually sorta cool.

Second best extra-plus-super tool behind the tumblr map. In a weird way, this should be the function that’s all teh suck qua popularity contest … but a lot of the stuff is sort of cool. However, this is probably nothing intrinsic, but merely a contingent empirical fact that reflects the current makeup of the community. This means that the eventual verdict will probably be: fail?

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