Some brief thoughts on beer.



Several points:

1. Sad that no major brewery is based in Milwaukee anymore. Even Pabst?

2. Interesting and almost obvious that the craft breweries are predominantly in a specific type of place: Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, New England, on a smaller scale the Upper Midwest. In Northern California, at least, part of this is UC Davis seeding brewers and a long history of craft breweries (Anchor is the oldest in the country), but I think a lot of it is the presence of a sort of gastronomically inclined and well-educated (upper) middle class in these areas which sustains multiple craft brewers. Northern California and the Pacific Northwest also are where all the wine in the country comes from, pretty much, which is a result of geography but helped create a culture of alcohol appreciation.

3. As a corollary, interesting and almost obvious that the major non-craft breweries with the exception of Coors (but including High Falls — the makers of Genny Light — and Yuengling and Iron City) are all in Midwestern/Rust Belt cities.

I don’t have any point with these observations.

I think the entire point of this post was to create a semi-legitimate mention of Genny Light.

From here in Buffalo, NY, the state of Rust Belt breweries seems pretty good. There are numerous Buffalo and Western New York breweries (Flying Bison, Elicottville Breweries, Butternut Beer & Ales, Ithica, Southern Tier, etc, etc), and one of my absolute favorites, Great Lakes, is out of Cleveland, Ohio.

I don’t think you might get many of these outside of the area, except for maybe Great Lakes. Maybe these all fit in the Upper Midwest range. But go down to Texas, and there’re a ton of local breweires like St. Arnold’s, and a bunch that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Maybe it’s more of a question of local knowledge, though admittedly certain areas, which seem to correlate much more to outdoors-types-places (Oregon, Colorado, etc) seem to have an over-abundance of riche; maybe there’s also a correlation with colleges as well.

Some brief thoughts on beer.

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