Correct me if I’m wrong, but this whole SideWiki thing is, errr, well …

1. Awe-some (as in, inspiring great awe and wonder): Google is saying that, essentially, we are willing to double the number of pages on the internet; for every page someone writes, we will make one on which you can comment about that page.

2. Wholesome: Go back and read criticism about the concept of the internet from the early 90s. It will often say things like, ‘this internet thing will be great, but it can be really deceptive what with the digital images and no more gatekeepers. If only every page would allow people to challenge it.’ Google is like: ‘problem solved. Now the internet is all good.’

I mean, it seems like a doohicky/wikipediapiggyback at first. But then …

UPDATE: recently re-read this post. sigh. so much for things that would make the internet better. also …

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