Times Agrees With Wikipedia

Check out this very subtle “fuck you” from the New York Times in this article about German courts trying to censor Wikipedia.

First Graf:

Wolfgang Werlé and Manfred Lauber became infamous for killing a German actor in 1990. Now they are suing to force Wikipedia to forget them.

Last Grafs:

In a written response to Mr. Stopp, Wikimedia questioned the relevance of any judgments in the German courts, since, it said, it has no operations in Germany and no assets there.
“We’ll see,” Mr. Stopp said in an interview. In an e-mail message after the interview, he wrote, “In the spirit of this discussion, I trust that you will not mention my clients’ names in your article.”

I guess their lawyer will be unhappy with the way the article turned out.

Two German Killers Demanding Anonymity Sue Wikipedia’s Parent | NYTimes

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