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Ten years ago, classical optics was but a sleepy backwater of modern physics, a place to while away the hours in the autumn of your career.

Then all hell broke loose with the development of metamaterials, perfect lenses and invisibility cloaks, prospects that now make optics one of the hottest areas in science.

John Lundberg: Physicist Decodes a Walt Whitman Poem

Nor the comet that came unannounced out of the north, flaring in heaven; 
Nor the strange huge meteor procession, dazzling and clear, shooting over our heads, 
(A moment, a moment long, it sail’d its balls of unearthly light over our heads, 
Then departed, dropt in the night, and was gone;)

John Lundberg: Physicist Decodes a Walt Whitman Poem

Cheater’s Risk

Based on the book Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty, edited by Barry Blechman and Alex Bollfrass.

Cheater’s Risk is an interactive exploration of the dynamics of a world without nuclear weapons. The player steps into the role of a country seeking to gain the advantage of a monopoly on nuclear weapons and must avoid being detected by national intelligence services and international monitors. The game is founded upon the research of the verification of nuclear disarmament in Elements of a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty.

Cheater’s Risk