Dissertation: Chapter One (Draft)

I recently finished the first chapter of my dissertation, or at least the penultimate version thereof. The following is the Table of Contents:

Chapter One: On the Making and Unmaking of Life; or, Slavery as a Practice of Mastery

I. The State of War Continued

II. Veritable Lovers of System

     The moderation of the body

     The cultivation of sentiment

     The inculcation of habits

III. The Symbolic Chain

     The plantation as social psychosis

     “A want of information…”

IV. The Ethopoiesis of the Slave

     The Columbian Orator

     Free association in the woods

     Becoming a freeman; or, on the absence of a subject of enunciation

I’ll be posting a synopsis here fairly soon, but for now the outline will do. *update: dissertation can now be found here