The Brain’s Fountain of Youth – ScienceNOW

Dracula may have had it right: Young blood can restore an aging body. Scientists have discovered that blood from a 3-month-old mouse can coax the brain of an older mouse into making new brain cells. The team has not yet identified the rejuvenating factor, but they have found a blood-borne compound that seems to promote brain aging.

I see a new market ready and waiting to be exploited …

The Brain’s Fountain of Youth – ScienceNOW

My favorite insult: “female Quixotes”

The true arena for woman’s awakened intellect is, as we hold, at home, and in promoting the progressive improvement of her own sex. Yet even here one not unfrequently meets with female Quixotes, who are for attacking every harmless windmill, which their diseased fancy can convert into a giant. One of these magnified giants in our land Is the evil of light lacing. 

From Godey’s Ladybook, ca. 1843 (