Duck Egg Pasta with Grilled Cabbage

This was a real farmer’s market uber-meal. The duck eggs were from the Oaks of Mamre farm, which has the most exquisite eggs I’ve ever had (if you want the chicken eggs, get to the Urban Harvest farmer’s market early or they’ll always be sold out). As you can see, they were huge, with way more yolk compared to whites than chicken eggs. There are great recipes for rich, egg yolk pasta, so I thought they would be perfect.

The cabbage was from Utility Research Garden, my favorite of the local farms here in Houston. Grilling cabbage makes it just about as good as it can get, especially if you get a bit of soy sauce between the leaves (though not in this recipe). 

The resulting dish was very, good. I also grilled some bread and did over-super-easy duck eggs to top, but alas, no pictures.

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