… one day when a smudge of paint on his index finger took the shape of a face, a face that spoke to him and told him, ‘Paint sacred art.’ …

Rachel Maddux, “This Side of Paradise”

I have another tumblr called Stereotaxis; from the OED: 

Biol. and Med.

Involving or designed for the accurate three-dimensional positioning and movement of objects inside the brain.

When I decided to transfer my wordpress blog over here to tumblr, I also decided to fold Stereotaxis in as well. On the old blog, I described it as a neuropsychoanalytic microblog, which is about right: just stuff that I culled from the internet about psychotic speech, technological pluralization of the senses, artificial intelligences, and the little electrochemical ocean that washes around in our skulls. I’ll probably write up some meta posts about all the themes that little blog explored (usually with minimal commentary).

This is the first thing I would, in the past, have posted there. There’s something ineluctable about this pure voice which speaks from within as if it is from without, the echo that compels this person to reorganize the world in the name of God. 

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