… the old mindless sentient undreaming meat …

And if you haven’t got honor and pride, then nothing matters. Only there is something in you that doesn’t care about honor and pride yet that lives, that even walks backward for a whole year just to live; that probably even when this is over and there is not even defeat left, will still decline to sit still in the sun and die, but will be back out in the woods, moving and seeking where just will and endurance could not move it, grubbing for roots and suchthe old mindless sentient undreaming meat that doesn’t even know any difference between despair and victory, Henry. 

—William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom! (#)

No Virtual Space

No Virtual Space—All things actually exist. A blog is not a virtual space for thoughts; it exists, and relies on a certain number of material supports. They can be counted. Whether inscribed on the synapses of the brain, the variable electrical intensities on a screen, or fluctuations on ferromagnetic material, they remain in “real” space. Forgotten, this state of affairs makes thought vulnerable to the appropriation of its material substrate, over which others will have, in the mean time, seized control.

(see: Wikileaks alternate sites.)