Fermi Paradox and Von Neumann Machines

The Fermi Paradox is far and way my favorite paradox:

An alien civilization could send probes traveling no faster than 10% the speed of light to every single solar system in the galaxy in only 10 million years. Which is incredible … As the researchers conclude … “a fleet of self-replicating probes can indeed explore the Galaxy in a sufficiently short time to warrant the existence of the Fermi Paradox.”

It’s Easier for Aliens to Visit Us Than Previously Thought | io9

Fermi Paradox and Von Neumann Machines

No Virtual Space

No Virtual Space—All things actually exist. A blog is not a virtual space for thoughts; it exists, and relies on a certain number of material supports. They can be counted. Whether inscribed on the synapses of the brain, the variable electrical intensities on a screen, or fluctuations on ferromagnetic material, they remain in “real” space. Forgotten, this state of affairs makes thought vulnerable to the appropriation of its material substrate, over which others will have, in the mean time, seized control.

(see: Wikileaks alternate sites.)