Did you miss UH debaters Jackson Bartling (Honors ‘21) and Katherine Polkinghorne (Honors ‘20) on Red, White, and Blue last weekend? If so, never fear. Catch the episode above from Houston Public Media’s Youtube channel. 

I’ve been singing this one to my daughter a lot recently, as it was sung to me when I was little. When you realize how implacably sad it is, its always a wonder to think of all those soft voices its been sung in to all those millions of children nodding off to sleep. 

In general, the macabre nature of children’s songs appeals to me.  The lyrics to Rock-a-bye Baby being a prime example …


non video related comment… but franklin and bash LOOKS TERRIBLE. if you have watched any nba playoff games you will understand

Yes & yes. Also, sloths are the stoners of the animal kingdom. That’s their attraction.

“Jersey Shore” Gone Wilde, Part 1 (by PLAYBILLVIDEO)

From the AV Club:

God bless the people over at Playbill who corralled Santino Fontana and David Furr, who star as Algernon and Jack respectively in Broadway’s The Importance Of Being Earnest, into reading transcripts of Jersey Shore completely in character. The resulting non-sequitors are dark, funny, and not too outside of the realm of what Oscar Wilde might write were he alive today. 

This is spectacular. Wilde would be proud.